The Label Ruff'n'Tuff Records has been in existance (Founded) a long time where it started as a sister company with Rapsody Entertainment but officially was started in 2006 by Mr. Faizel Bashir and has signed since then artists from different african countries. Focus has always been on producing Modern African Pop-Music or Afrofusion, Dancehall ragga, talent development and creating innovative aspects in music industry and society.

It operates mostly in two countries Uganda and Namibia.

Signed artists such as: Smokey, Dungeon Family, King Faizel MC, Gal level, DJ Cimbaville, and currently DEENA.

Ruff'n'Tuff Records collaborated and worked with other labels such as Butterfly in Namibia, Mshasho, GMP, Mirage concept, kim Xp, and now has teamed up with Ogopa Inc, Ogopa Deejays to work on our current artist DEENA.


Ruff'n'Tuff Records does: Managment of Artists, Event managment, Bookings, Signing of artists, Songwriting, Audio and Video production and many more as far as entertainment, music, is concerned...


Ogopa Deejays is an African Entertainment outfit, run by young Africans whose ambition is the burning desire to make a difference in a society with limited resources and touch lives ot the youth through music and entertainment.

In East-Africa, Ogopa Deejays is a celebrated production power house that is associated with the changing facees of urban music in the region and the influence it now has on the youth today.


Orginally set up in the late nineties as a music production house, Ogopa has a vision to capture the immense youthful talent, nature and create African Stars and showcase these stars to the world through quality productions that could compete with the best.

Over the years Ogopa has recorded and produced artists that have made a big impression in Africa and beyond. Some of these artists include the late E-Sir, Amani, the Longombas and Nameless, Chameleon, Peter Miles, Bebe Cool, AY just to mention a few.

Under the brand name Ogopa Deejays, the production house has now grown to become a one stop entertainment shop housing music production unit (Ogopa Studio), video production unit (Ogopa Video), a talent development and managment unit (Club Ogopa) and television commercial unit (the creative HOUSE)