The Genre of DEENA's music is called "Afro-Fusion" which is African Music, that contains traditional elements with western influences. She is known for singing indigenous languages without any accent,  which plays an important role in her success story.

DEENA believes that languages transport culture and that's why she wants to make authentic East-African music. This is possibile because she is only working with local experts and regional music producers. That's how she can assure the authentic, real and true sound of local African Music. She started singing songs in Luganda but is going to release songs in Kiswahili, Kinyankore, Kinyarwanda and more in the near future.

Through her music she wants to pay back some of the respect, she experienced in her time in East-Africa. As well she is trying to introduce more african music and culture to europe.


Her dream is to  promote and empower african music and spread her belief, that everybody deserves the same respect and same chances, no regarding skin colour or origin. 


Mumulete (Single)

Mumulete was the first song released in February 2015 and is now available as a remake and as a club version!


You can download it  in all big stores like Amazon , Itunes, Spotify...

Mpanilira (EP)

This EP has been released in August 2016 and is a collection of the Hitsongs so far straight in Luganda. It contains 5 songs and is for 3.99 Euro surely a good deal!


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