General Information

DEENA (Sabrina Herr) was born on the 17.04.1993 in south-western Germany, a city called Baden-Baden.

She was raised by her father and mother together with her two brothers.

She visited primary and secondary school and graduated in July 2012.

Main Interests:

sport (swimming, handball, running, dancing), social work, music, theatre and travelling.

In August 2012 she had the priviledge to do volontairy work in a centre for Street Children in Rwanda for one year.

She has travelled before to many countries worldwide but 2012 was her first time to East-Africa.

During her stay in Rwanda she started to travel and fell in Love with Uganda.

She picked a lot of interest in the country, the people, their culture and especially in the Ugandan music scene.

That time she was already performing Ugandan and Rwandan songs with her guitar.

After ending her volunteer work in August 2013 she returned back to Germany and started her studies (Social Work) in Berlin.

Every free time she had in between her studies she was flying back to her loved Uganda to spent time with friends.

That’s how she got discovered in 2013 by her Manager Mr. Bashir from Ruff’n’Tuff Records.

Musical Background

In her early childhood she started showing interest in music and she began learning and playing flute at the age of 5.

She was playing in different orchestras while she always participated in different choirs in school.

At the age of 12 she was a member of a big MUSICAL-Group where she learned to sing, to dance and to act for 7 years until she graduated from school.

At the same time at 14 she started teaching herself playing guitar and to sing along.

In that time she gave music lessons for children in guitar and flute.

While she was very interested in learning instruments she tried  saxophone, base, piano – but guitar, singing and flute always stayed her main interest.

Two years later she started singing in her first band, a Rock ’n’ Roll Band called “High Voltage”. She was on stage with them on different occasions before she founded her own Acoustic-Band called “mableusedtodance”.

From the age of 16 she was writing her own song mainly in English which she performed as well.

Through her whole childhood and youth she took each and every possibility to be on stage (even streetmusic) and so today she feels very comfortable and experience on stage.





Musical Career

After DEENA performed at a bar in Kampala in March 2013 where Faizel Bashir discovered her, she signed under his label “Ruff N Tuff Records” in December 2014.

Her music career in Uganda officially started in February 2015 with the release of her first song “Mumulete”.

“Mumulete” went viral on the Uganda media and social media platforms and became a Hitsong in Uganda. She got more and more love from the Ugandans with her first song and so she started working on other songs such as “Gwe Anamponya”, “Kankuleke”, “Mama”, “Actiontime”.

She reached a good state of popularity in Uganda and Germany even though she was still an uprising musician. 

In May 2016 she got the Chance to record and release the song “Mpanilira” with the famous popstar duo “Radio and Weasel”.

In July 2016 she signed with Sony music and 313 Music to promote her remake of the single “Mumulete” in Europe.

She got requests from media houses all over the world (USA, UK, Germany, East-Africa) and was able to promote her music and story internationally.

Currently she is planning to release more songs from different parts of Africa and in several African languages (Kiswahili, Luganda, Kinyankore, Kinyarwanda and more). 

DEENA is trying to promote African music internationally because she believes music from Africa has enough potential to be part of the "World Market". Through her appearances and music she is trying to fight against stereotypes, racism, creating awareness for Postcolonialism and Social Topics (“MAMA”). As well she dreams of building a stronger connection between Europe and Africa. She has been working on a political level as well through the German Embassy or different German ministries and got a position of being a musical ambassador.

Through her music she wants to empower Africa and spread her belief that everybody deserves the same respect and same chances no regarding skin colours or origin.